How to Choose the Right Flag for You


Choosing a United States national flag to hang outside your home or business may seem simple when you first start looking. You might think that because there’s only one design, you don’t have that many options. However, even a cursory internet search will uncover the fact that there is a variety of outdoor US flags.


One of the major differences you’ll see between the options is the cloth out of which the flags are made. Independence Bunting offers multiple options including weather resistant nylon and nearly impervious 2-ply poly max. The reason you need quality outdoor US flags is that you’ll be using your flag at least once or twice a year for years to come if you’re a homeowner, and possibly all year round if you own a business or are custodian of a government facility. You’ll need cloth that stands up to the elements.


Another option you’ll have is between varying levels of craftsmanship. Independence Bunting sets high standards, so the most basic high quality flags will have sewn stripes and embroidered stars. The dyes and pigments used to color the fabric are durable as well, resisting fade and ensuring that your flag will last longer. There are also budget options available which consist of printed instead of embroidered patterns. Another thing to consider is where the flag is made. After all, shouldn’t your American flag be made in the USA?


The final choice you have to make is deciding what size you need. There is a flag for almost every application, from a gigantic 50 foot by 80 foot flag the same size as a basketball court to any of the more modest sizes of outdoor US flags you might want to hang outside your home on Flag Day or the Fourth of July. Even though it might seem like bigger is always better, it’s important to consider the space you have so that the flag doesn’t touch the ground and is something you can easily manage folding for storage.


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