Flag Bunting and its History


If holiday decorating is what gets you excited then you may be quick to order your patriotic flag bunting from Independence Bunting. But do you know the history behind your decorations? The flag has a unique history all its own. Continue reading to learn some of the highlights.


Stars and Symbolism


You may already know that the stripes represent the 13 original states in the Union while the stars represent each current state. This means that the flag has had several unique star configurations over time as new states joined the union. In fact in 1889 there was even a mistake where flags were made with 39 stars because manufacturers though the Dakotas were a single state instead of two.




Red, white and blue are commonly seen in patriotic flag bunting as well as many other 4th of July decorations. This is because these were the colors chosen by our founders for the flag. Red was chosen to represent valor while blue represents vigilance and justice. White was chosen to represent purity and innocence.


Notable Events in History


Like any historical object the flag has a few interesting events that surround it. It was announced by Betsy Ross in May of 1776 that she had sewn the first American flag, although Francis Hopkinson is often credited with her 13 star design. However, it wasn’t until June 14, 1777 that the flag’s design was officially confirmed by the continental congress. Other notable events include the flag being the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner in 1814, and President Lincoln’s refusal to allow any stars to be removed from the flag during the civil war.
Now that you know some history and symbolism behind our flag you may have a few new ideas for your decorations. You may also have a few new interesting topics of conversation when your visitors admire your patriotic flag bunting,


Getting Your Ribbon Supply Under Control


It can happen in no time. One morning, your bulk ribbon displays are neat and ready to go. Then you go to help a few customers and come back to chaos. Here are a few tips that will help to keep your ribbon supply under control even when you are not close enough to monitor it.


First, it is important to make it clear which ribbons you intend to be sold by the foot and which can be purchased by the spool. You can communicate this difference clearly in the way you organize your stock. Ribbons sold by the foot should be easy to unroll and measure, so it is a good idea to line them up on dowels that fit through the holes in the middle of the spools. Then all you have to do is unroll the amount your customer needs without having to undo the display. Ribbons sold by the spool can be placed in decorative baskets or arranged neatly on shelves according to the impressive array of colors, styles and textures found through wholesalers such as Reliant Ribbon.


One problem with bulk ribbon is the collection of odds and ends that accumulate after spools are nearly emptied. The remnants are too long to throw away, but they are too short for any project that may take several feet of the same color. A clever way to salvage the leftover ribbon is to store it in bins or canisters and offer them at a slight discount. You avoid wasting valuable product and keep your ribbon section looking neat at the same time.


It does not take long for a ribbon section to go renegade and start looking like everything has come unraveled. What starts as a barrel of craft supplies can easily turn into the proverbial barrel of monkeys. With a few organizational tweaks, however, you can keep your bulk ribbons in line.

Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day on a Budget

St. Patricks day

Having a party for a special event such as a holiday can be a lot of fun, but for a lot of people it can also be very expensive. This is especially true if you are having a large party or trying to decorate a large space and want it all to be perfect. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, you may be thinking of how you are going to get your home decorated for the festivities. Instead of going all out getting the most expensive decorations, it is possible to find or make relatively cheap decorations with the use of St. Patrick’s Day bunting and other cheap materials.


One cheap idea that you can implement for your party is making paper leprechaun hats for your guests to wear. The concept is relatively simple and the instructions can be found online, but they only need a few easily obtainable materials to make and there are a lot of things you can do with them such as setting up a photo booth.


St. Patrick’s Day bunting is relatively cheap and there are a lot of things that you can do with it. For example, you can bunch it up to make decorative ribbons or bows, hang it to make banners, wrap it around banisters and even more. This product can be a great way to cover a large portion of your decorating needs.


The last cheap idea for now is to make or buy some inexpensive cupcake toppers. You can get shamrock stickers to add to paper and put it on a toothpick, or getting real topper shouldn’t eat too much into your budget.
There are a lot of fun things that you can do with some construction paper, stickers and St. Patrick’s Day bunting to turn your home into a great party spot within your budget. Don’t be afraid to give some new ideas a try.

How To Maintain Your Custom Flag Bunting

American Flag Symbol American Flag Usa Us Flag Us

If you have purchased custom flag bunting from Independence Bunting, you will want to feel confident that your investment will last for a long time to come. In general, there are some steps you can take to maximize your chances of enjoying beautiful, vivid decorative items for many years. From preventing fading and tearing to storing properly, here are some of the strategies that should be able to help keep your bunting in excellent condition.

Minimize Weather Exposure

For flags or bunting items that are going to be displayed in an outdoor environment, weather will likely be the biggest hazard. Extended exposure to UV rays might cause fading and contribute to fabric degradation. If your bunting is going to see a lot of sunlight, why not consider purchasing and applying a UV protective spray? To shield against tears and damage from storms and strong winds, try to make sure you bring your bunting inside during especially inclement weather conditions. Precautionary measures should go a long way toward helping protect your custom flag bunting.

Practice Good Cleaning

When you purchase bunting that will be displayed outdoors or in a dusty environment, it may be important to remember that cleaning will likely be necessary. If you notice dust or dirt beginning to gather on the fabric, try to immediately clean according to manufacturer care instructions. Some fabrics may need hand washing, while others might require dry cleaning or similar methods.

Store Correctly

What if you need to store your bunting? Proper storage should help minimize the risk that damage will occur while your bunting is not in use. Try to make sure you have stored your items in a dark, temperature-controlled area. Also, ensure that flags or bunting items are completely clean before being stored.

Custom flag bunting should offer many advantages for your home. To help keep your bunting in good condition, try to make sure you minimize weather exposure, practice proper cleaning, store correctly and more.

Brighten Your Home With DIY Halloween Decorations


Holidays are fun, festive occasions that bring people together to celebrate, enjoy delicious foods and spend time together. If you are planning to host a Halloween party in your home, or if you simply want to get into the spirit of the holiday, there are some fun do-it-yourself decorations you can try. From painted pumpkins to Halloween bunting, consider some of the following options.

Painted Pumpkins

If you do not have time to carve a pumpkin, or if you just do not feel like dealing with the hassle and mess, why not consider painting pumpkins instead? You can use markers or paints to draw messages, patterns, designs, scary faces and much more. For a chic, vivid modern option, consider spray painting pumpkins a solid color such as black, then draw on them with colorful or silvery markers.

Bows and Banners

Are you thinking about hanging Halloween bunting? There are several ways you can use this material in your DIY decorations. Festive orange and black banners, bows and more can be incorporated as a fun, useful part of a harmonious decorative scheme. Consider adorning your mailbox with bows and homemade fabric ghosts, or hang Halloween banners and eerie spider silhouettes from your bannisters.

Bats and Ghosts

For a quick way to add last-minute flair to your Halloween decorating, why not download printable images of bats, spooky faces, spiders and more? These images can be cut out and used on walls, windows, lampshades and other areas. Cute ghosts made of tissues or pieces of white fabric may be another quick way to upgrade your Halloween décor before a party.

Decorating for a holiday does not necessarily have to be an expensive, difficult experience. Whether you are hosting a party or just enjoying time with your family during the holiday, there are some ways you can create fun, festive DIY decorations. Consider options such as painted pumpkins, Halloween bunting, printable bats, tissue ghosts and more.

The Best Independence Day Decorations to Show Your Pride

Independence Bunting decorations

The 4th of July can be made even more exciting when all of the decorations express how proud you are of the United States. Many people spend a good amount of time planning the details to best cater an Independence Day gathering. The best 4th of July party decorations can incorporate the American Flag in interesting ways. Anyone considering celebrating our great nation’s independence with a party this year can consider using the flag as a centerpiece, on water bottles and even as a napkin ring.

The American Flag makes the perfect centerpiece for a patriotic Independence Day celebration. A host can tuck the flag into a glass vase to make a clear flag display. Then that centerpiece can be put in the middle of a table to create the perfect 4th atmosphere. Alternatively, the host might put food around the display. Then as guests move food away, the display can take center stage and impress party goers.

Another smart decoration tip for Independence Day party hosts: use mini flags to create water bottle sleeves. First, the water bottles need to have their labels removed. Once that is done, the host can glue or simply wrap little flags around the water bottles. Then, even your water bottles will be themed, and help everyone get into the 4th of July spirit a little more easily. To make these 4th of July party decorations even more interesting, hosts can use different flag shaped ribbons. You can consider checking out professional companies like Independence Bunting that have a wide selection on such decorations if you are concerned about finding nice decorations.

Even more upscale decorations exist for hosts with a more refined party in mind. Napkin rings made out of flags can add a splash of patriotism to a meal. First the host needs to wrap the silverware in a napkin. Then, he or she can wrap a mini American flag around the napkin and fasten it with a pin. The guests will be sure to enjoy this fine touch to their meal.

Creative hosts can make 4th of July party decorations out of flags to enhance their 4th of July get together.

Great Ways to Use Banners for Display

holiday banners

Banners have come a long way from their past, more disposable uses. With printing making leaps and bounds in progress every year, banners have become a long-lasting solution for promotion, celebrations, and decorations, both indoors and outdoors! The evolution of banners has made them colorful, versatile, easy to display and simple to store. Business and holiday banners have more uses now than ever and can bring life to any event, storefront or even your front yard!

Events are one of the most popular situations to use banners. Banners can be printed to suit the event and season to bring the whole event together. They are an inexpensive way to decorate for any occasion and can be used as a part of your yearly birthday, anniversary or holiday parties. Holiday banners and banners for special events come in many shapes and sizes and can even be custom printed for your specific needs.

Thanks to printing done on more durable materials like vinyl, outdoor banners are now a great way to decorate your front door or sidewalk display, especially during special sales or business events. Colorful banners can draw attention to your storefront and serve as an excellent and pain-free advertisement that can be used for a day or all year round.

For organizations and businesses, stand up banners or hanging banners can be a great way to bring traffic to a table at a conference or convention. They are easy to transport and display. You choose between different dimensions available to suit your space and display set up. By using banners, you can get your branding across easily to a passing crowd. With a banner, a memorable, eye-catching display is simple to create.

Promotional and holiday banners are a simple way to decorate your space and add something extra to your storefront or party. Independence Bunting provides premade and custom pull-down banners, fans, flags and more, available online or over the phone.