The Best Independence Day Decorations to Show Your Pride

Independence Bunting decorations

The 4th of July can be made even more exciting when all of the decorations express how proud you are of the United States. Many people spend a good amount of time planning the details to best cater an Independence Day gathering. The best 4th of July party decorations can incorporate the American Flag in interesting ways. Anyone considering celebrating our great nation’s independence with a party this year can consider using the flag as a centerpiece, on water bottles and even as a napkin ring.

The American Flag makes the perfect centerpiece for a patriotic Independence Day celebration. A host can tuck the flag into a glass vase to make a clear flag display. Then that centerpiece can be put in the middle of a table to create the perfect 4th atmosphere. Alternatively, the host might put food around the display. Then as guests move food away, the display can take center stage and impress party goers.

Another smart decoration tip for Independence Day party hosts: use mini flags to create water bottle sleeves. First, the water bottles need to have their labels removed. Once that is done, the host can glue or simply wrap little flags around the water bottles. Then, even your water bottles will be themed, and help everyone get into the 4th of July spirit a little more easily. To make these 4th of July party decorations even more interesting, hosts can use different flag shaped ribbons. You can consider checking out professional companies like Independence Bunting that have a wide selection on such decorations if you are concerned about finding nice decorations.

Even more upscale decorations exist for hosts with a more refined party in mind. Napkin rings made out of flags can add a splash of patriotism to a meal. First the host needs to wrap the silverware in a napkin. Then, he or she can wrap a mini American flag around the napkin and fasten it with a pin. The guests will be sure to enjoy this fine touch to their meal.

Creative hosts can make 4th of July party decorations out of flags to enhance their 4th of July get together.