Patriotic Decoration Ideas

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Are you hoping to festoon your house with patriotic decorations this upcoming Independence Day? If you are searching for fun, attractive and useful décor ideas, there are likely to be a plethora of options at your disposal. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can beautify your home or venue in honor of the holiday season.

Patriotic Flowers

When you plan to decorate your home or party venue, why not consider purchasing simple, lovely bouquets of flowers in holiday-appropriate colors? In some cases, you may even be able to use wildflowers. If red, white and blue flowers are not currently blooming in your area, visit a local flower shop to purchase appropriately colored flowers such as zinnias, roses, lilies, poppies and daisies. Place flowers in vases, or use milk bottles for a rustic look.

Flags and Banners

American flags and banners, such as those provided by online companies like Independence Bunting, are likely to be an intrinsic part of your patriotic decorations. Consider proudly flying Old Glory in your home, or hang flag-patterned bunting in your party location of choice. Even outdoor venues may be brightened and beautified by the addition of festive flags or banners.

Colorful Necessities

If you are trying to decorate your own home, consider using necessities and items you already own to boost your patriotic décor. From red gingham tablecloths to navy hand towels to blue and white china, you may already have many practical items that can be employed in your patriotic decorating this Independence Day. To pull the whole theme together, consider also color-coordinating items such as curtains and throw pillows.

Picking the Perfect Décor

As you prepare for Independence Day, patriotic decorations may be foremost in your mind. To beautifully adorn your home or venue, try placing sprays of red, white and blue flowers in vases or milk bottles. Also, hang flags or banners, and consider practical items you can use to further the patriotic holiday theme.


How to Choose the Right Flag for You


Choosing a United States national flag to hang outside your home or business may seem simple when you first start looking. You might think that because there’s only one design, you don’t have that many options. However, even a cursory internet search will uncover the fact that there is a variety of outdoor US flags.


One of the major differences you’ll see between the options is the cloth out of which the flags are made. Independence Bunting offers multiple options including weather resistant nylon and nearly impervious 2-ply poly max. The reason you need quality outdoor US flags is that you’ll be using your flag at least once or twice a year for years to come if you’re a homeowner, and possibly all year round if you own a business or are custodian of a government facility. You’ll need cloth that stands up to the elements.


Another option you’ll have is between varying levels of craftsmanship. Independence Bunting sets high standards, so the most basic high quality flags will have sewn stripes and embroidered stars. The dyes and pigments used to color the fabric are durable as well, resisting fade and ensuring that your flag will last longer. There are also budget options available which consist of printed instead of embroidered patterns. Another thing to consider is where the flag is made. After all, shouldn’t your American flag be made in the USA?


The final choice you have to make is deciding what size you need. There is a flag for almost every application, from a gigantic 50 foot by 80 foot flag the same size as a basketball court to any of the more modest sizes of outdoor US flags you might want to hang outside your home on Flag Day or the Fourth of July. Even though it might seem like bigger is always better, it’s important to consider the space you have so that the flag doesn’t touch the ground and is something you can easily manage folding for storage.

Why Bunting Is Great for Decorating


Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays worldwide. Though it is not officially until almost the end of December, many people begin preparing for it weeks and even months in advance. One of the more festive ways to celebrate the holiday is by decorating. Almost any theme that can be conjured in the imagination is available in almost any material. One versatile material that can be used is bunting, and there is Christmas bunting available.

Offhand, most people only have a general idea of bunting as a material that is used in crafts. However, almost everyone who has ever been to or supported a sporting event may have come in contact with bunting since it is most commonly used in pennants, those triangles that resemble a fabric slice of pizza.

Even though the material is most commonly used in that capacity, it has so many other versatile uses. Bunting is great for decorating almost anywhere. What makes it unique is durability. While it is typically classified as a fabric, it has both weight and stiffness, which makes it ideal for craft projects. It can be used for hanging ornamentation or stand-alone decorations.

Today’s bunting choices include many styles. It can be purchased precut or in spools or bolts that have several different widths available. Multiple colors can be woven into one spool allowing for even more variety. For instance, Christmas bunting can be a combination of red and green.  

Another advantage is that it can be manipulated with ease. It is pliable; it can also be cut into any shape. In addition, it can be printed on or stenciled. It can also be sewn. Finally, it can also be glued with ease with craft glue, a glue gun or even school paste.

When it comes to bunting, the uses are only limited to the imagination. With its versatility and ease of use, Christmas bunting can make decorating extremely easy for the Christmas holiday.


3 Tips For Hanging a Home Flag


A United States flag can send a message of civic engagement, support for troops or simply pride in your home’s exterior. Yet many people don’t know how to select or hang a flag so that it complements your home properly. Here are a few tips you can use as you choose and hang your flag.

Choose the Right Size

A flag can truly accent your lawn – or it can overpower it if it’s simply too big for the property. Whether it’s affixed to your porch or waving proudly from a flagpole, you want to make sure that your flag doesn’t look out of proportion to the home. As a guideline, most residential flags fall between 3’x5’ and 4’x6’. Small business flags, on the other hand, are usually around 5’x8’ or up to 6’x10’.

Pick the right material

If you’ve ever seen a flag torn and ripped by flapping in the wind, then you know the importance of picking the right flag material. Choosing the right material can both protect your investment and ensure you show off the United States flag with the respect it deserves. Will your flag be out in the elements? Try a durable nylon. Consider things like your climate and where your indoor or outdoor United States flag will be posted to make the best choice.

Mind Flag Placement

There are nearly as many ways to display a flag as there are flag materials and sizes. A bracket mounted to the side of the home is typically best for an apartment or, townhouse. For a larger home, make a statement with a flag pole. Flags can also be displayed in a window, but consider whether it can be placed somewhere without being in direct sunlight, which can eventually cause fading.

The choice to display a United States flag is an honorable one. It tells the world that you are proud of the achievements of this nation. Use these tips to ensure flag is displayed with maximum reverence.

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Independence Day Decorating


As the calendar draws nearer to Independence Day, your thoughts may turn toward holiday decorating. Many homeowners and business managers choose to invest in attractive and meaningful patriotic decorations when the 4th of July rolls around each year. If you are hoping to find some creative suggestions for decorating your home, consider the following possibilities.

Banners and Bows

Are you the type to enjoy the bright, attractive impact of elements such as banners and bows? These decorative features may add a touch of fun and patriotic pop to your home, business or public facility in the weeks leading up to Independence Day. For maximum impact, consider high quality banners and bows emblazoned with bright stars and stripes, such as those offered by Independence Bunting.

Outdoor Décor

You may want your patriotic decorations to be visible to pedestrians, passersby, and all who may happen to see the exterior of your home or facility. In this case, outdoor décor might be your best option. You should generally be able to find decorative elements, such as flag themed bunting, which have been specifically designed to outlast the weather for outdoor use.

Creative Ideas

If your taste in décor tends toward the unusual, let your imagination be your guide. Why not decorate your home with sprays of red, white and blue flowers in tasteful vases? Hang patriotic fans or banners from stairway railings in your building, or scatter understated décor elements that hint at a stars and stripes theme. Your own imagination may tend to be the only limit when it comes to creative decorating.

Beauty for the Holidays

Decorating can often be a fun, enjoyable and impactful part of nearly any holiday. If you are excited about the upcoming Independence Day season, patriotic decorations may be one way for you to express your joy and love of your country. Consider elements such as banners and bows, outdoor décor, and creative ideas such as flowers or fans.

Top 3 Uses for Pleated Fans


Pleated fans offer a beautiful and meaningful way to decorate your home or business. These fans are also surprisingly versatile, providing benefit for a number of different events and occasions. Here are three of the top possible uses for a pleated fan.

Memorial Occasions
These fans have a long and beautiful history of being used for memorial decorations. Whether you want to adorn your own home in order to remember a lost loved one, or are decorating a public venue in memory of a lost hero such as a policeman or firefighter, these fans provide a tasteful way to show your regard for the person or people being remembered.

Holiday Decorating
Pleated fans are also a great way to keep your home or business looking festive and appropriate for every holiday season. These fans are available in styles and colors that can match nearly any holiday or special event. If you do not see the colors you want, many fan manufacturers will work with you to produce custom fans that will perfectly fit your individual needs.

Travel or Heritage
Do you have a global heritage that you are proud to celebrate? Fans are available to match the flags of most countries, so that you can show your pride in a lovely and tasteful manner. You may also wish to display fans in the colors of flags from countries you have visited. Whatever your personal history, there are fans available to help you honor the places that have made up an important part of your heritage and life story.

Fans and You
When it comes time to remember a loved one or fallen hero, pleated fans carry a long and lovely history in memorial decorating. You can also use these fans to beautify your home for the holidays, or to express some important part of your personal heritage or story. If you need custom fans for a personalized cause or event, you should also be able to find sellers who will work with you to achieve the perfect results.

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